Q. I am new to DrawingSearcher. How do I configure it?

Q. We would like to edit drawings with AutoCAD LT. How can AutoCAD LT be associated with dwg format?

  1. A. To change the default program a file type is opened with, in windows explorer search for the file you wish to change and right-click on it to bring up the file menu.
  2. Select the Open with menu option. You will then be presented with a screen that shows the available programs that you can open the file with.
  3. To change the default program that this file is opened with, please click on the Choose Program... option. You will then be shown the Open with dialog.
  4. In this screen you will see a section called Recommended Programs that contains known programs that can properly open and manipulate the file in question. To change the default program simply click on the Browse... button where you can browse to the AutoCAD LT executable. Once you have found the executable, select it by left-clicking on it once so it becomes highlighted and then click on the Open button.
  5. With the new program that you wish to use selected, make sure there is a check mark in the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file checkbox. Then press the OK button. The file should now have been opened using the program you selected and these types of programs will now automatically be opened by this program

Q. Can we use a pen pallet to create the drawings and PDFs?

A. Yes, You can use your CTB or STB plot style tables to define line weight and colors.

Q. Is DrawingSearcher compatible with Document Management systems such as Autodesk Vault, and Microsoft Sharepoint?

A. Yes, we have users successfuly using DrawingSearcher with these applications via temporary files that are filed in a non-proprietary format.

Q. DrawingSearcher uses a Web Server. Can we change the port number it uses?

A. Yes, from the Web Server tab you can change the port number from the default port 80.

Q. We are in the process of moving our current desktop server to a laptop. Can I copy the index from one computer to the other?

A. Yes, you can copy index, thumbnails and settings by copying everything under C:\ProgramData\Docupoint\DrawingSearcher\ to the same place on the new computer.

Q. How does DrawingSearcher work as a drawing search engine?

A. DrawingSearcher reads all the text, attributes (visible and non-visible) and block names in all the drawings on your entire network and indexes them into a text search engine stored on the index server. To find a drawing the index server is accessed via your web browser, just like you use a search engine on the web (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Bing, Ask.com, etc.). But a drawing search engine.

Q. Why is DrawingSearcher so easy to use?

A. Users call it the "Google®-like drawing search engine for AutoCAD®" To find a drawing with DrawingSearcher, the user needs to only know what they want to find and not how and not where to find it. If you need to find all drawings that reference a specific Part Number, just type the Part Number in the SEARCH field and press Submit. A list of drawings is instantly generated! There is no need to learn how to search a complex database system as is the case with other Document Management Systems. DrawingSearcher's capabilities go far beyond that found in standard "card catalog" search systems. Instead of being limited to finding documents based on the data entered in the card catalog, DrawingSearcher searches all text and alphanumeric strings inside the drawing. Way more than an Autodesk DWF Viewer.

Q. Our drawings are highly confidential. There's no way we would put them on the Internet. How can DrawingSearcher help us?

A. Your proprietary drawings are NOT put out on the internet, or anywhere outside of your organization (e.g. no drawings are copied to Docupoint or any other site). While DrawingSearcher can be used to publish drawings to the Internet, the most common use is on a standard Local Area Network (LAN) behind your network system's firewall, commonly referred to as "within your Intranet". In this configuration, your drawing files are fully 100% protected from outside, Internet access.

Q. How do I access DrawingSearcher from our network?

A. It's simple. Just point your web browser to the network address of the DrawingSearcher server. A customizable html SEARCH screen will be displayed. Enter a simple or advanced SEARCH and press the Submit button. That's it! A list of drawings containing the search criteria is created instantly - a drawing search engine! Click on the hot link and the drawing is automatically opened in Autodesk Design Review, a free application.

Q. We have over 20,000 drawings. How can DrawingSearcher help us?

A. DrawingSearcher's cataloging process is fully automatic. Simply install the server software, configure it for the storage devices, drives, and directories that are to be searched, and let it go! DrawingSearcher will automatically read all the drawing files (in the background) and extract any text into the search engine database. Within just a few hours after installation, you will be able to search for any drawing within your network. The drawing search engine indexer constantly maintains the accuracy of the index database listening for file changes, and thru regularly scheduled re-indexing (for example to allow SEARCH'ing of all new drawings that are being added to your network).

Q. Does DrawingSearcher require a copy of AutoCAD or MicroStation to read or view the drawings?

A. No, DrawingSearcher directly reads the CAD binary files (.DWG and .DGN) without requiring the use of an AutoCAD or MicroStation license on the computers being used to SEARCH your drawing files. And non-AutoCAD users (Facility Operations, Maintenance Dept, Managers, etc.) can SEARCH, FIND, View, and Print those drawings with DrawingSearcher.

Q. How big are the DrawingSearcher index files?

A. DrawingSearcher index files are extremely compact, typically 1-2% of drawing file size. DrawingSearcher's advanced compression techniques minimize the disk space required to store the drawing data for "instant access" when each SEARCH is performed. And, of course, the original AutoCAD drawing files are not changed in any way, similar to an Autodesk dwf viewer.

Q. Can we migrate configuration settings, index, and images to another machine?

A. Yes, everything including; index, images and settings are stored in C:\ProgramData\Docupoint\DrawingSearcher\ . Simply copy everything from this folder including subfolders to the new computer. Note: ProgramData is a hidden folder which you can see by selecting "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" from Folder Options in the Control Panel.

Q. When are we notified to receive the latest versions of Docupoint, and how will we receive the software? (e.g. via on-line download or software via the mail service?)

A. We are expecting our next releases of DrawingSearcher to be available periodically. When each of our next releases of DrawingSearcher becomes available, customers will receive an email notification and instructions on how to download it directly from our website.

Q. We are in the process of getting new computers that are running Windows 7. Will this transition affect us?

A. Yes, in fact you will see speed improvements from DrawingSearcher's 64-bit software running on your new 64 bit operating system. When the new DrawingSearcher is installed, all of your previous settings will be copied for use in the new version.

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