"The Corporate-wide Search Engine" ... DrawingSearcher™
(by Docupoint)

DrawingSearcher will be on display, live, showing how it helps some of the largest Broadcast companies as a SEARCH ENGINE that is used to SEARCH any/all documents stored within an organization’s I.T. computer data center(s) to find:  part numbers, Wire Numbers, System Names, Model Numbers, D.A.’s (Distribution Amplifiers), Frame Sync’s (Buffers), Encoders, Muxes, Demuxes, Sync Generators, Embedders, De-Embedders, Inputs / Outputs, Tape Machines, Routers, Video Servers, Attributes, Blocks, notations, instructions, details, dimensions, symbols, wiring data, installation manuals, maintenance documents, designs, floorpans, PDF files, CAD drawings, etc., etc.  Docupoint’s corner-booth number, # N6712, is in the Convention Center’s North Hall within the Management & Systems exhibit categories section at the NABShow, Las Vegas, April 18-21, 2016.”

Online Demo:  Click here to TRY a live demo of DrawingSearcher now!

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Try the Online Demo now, where YOU do Searches using a LIVE version of DrawingSearcher. 
Search Hundreds of DWG, PDF, and XLS files for:  Architecture, Manufacturing, Civil, Agriculture, HVAC, Entertainment, etc.  Start by searching for  "316", "5e", "600V", "30A", "pump", "steel", "CAT5e", etc. ... then try other common words and part numbers.  Your search results immediately display preview images of the files found. Click a preview image for full screen viewing and printing in PDF format.

After using the Online Demo:
Download the DrawingSearcher Software Demo and try in your own environment, for 30 days with an unlimited number of your own files - Free!



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