Powerful Search Capabilities

DrawingSearcher provides the most advanced AutoCAD and MicroStation search capability available in the world. Unlike legacy document management applications that are limited to searching on a few fields in a database table, DrawingSearcher can find drawings by any text or number string inside the drawing. Need to find all drawings that contain references to a particular part number? No problem! With DrawingSearcher's Thesaurus feature you even find drawings when they contain abbreviations and synonyms. For examples, a Search on 'building' also finds 'bldg' and Searching for equipment by its number can also find the equipment by name!

DrawingSearcher contains an easy-to-use browse function. Just like traditional Microsoft Windows Explorer, the user can browse file directories through the web browser interface and view the preview images associated with each file. At any time within the Browse function, users may add a Search term and view all the drawings containing the term. Combining Browse and Search provides a powerful means to locate files containing a particular text string while limiting the search results to only directories of interest.

And of course, DrawingSearcher provides text search on extracted Title Block attribute values, database information extracted via the database linking tools, and File Names. There is no need for the user to specify a Field to search upon - all searches are done across all fields, making it easy for users to find the drawings they need.


DrawingSearcher is fully customizable to meet your organization's unique needs. All web pages displayed are built from a series of open HTML files that can be customized by the system administrator. Refer to the HTML Customization Readme.txt file in the html directory for instructions on copying the original html files to a new directory where they can be modified and used by the DrawingSearcher web server.

Responsive, Easy-to-Use Interface

The DrawingSearcher interface is designed to be very simple and highly responsive to user input. The highly optimized, lightweight web pages are returned almost instantaneously after a SEARCH is submitted. And, the highly accurate preview image allows users to easily discern the file's contents, without the need to fully open each drawing in the viewer.

Built Around Autodesk Core Technologies

DrawingSearcher was originally built around core Autodesk's core technologies, including: RealDWG, the DWF Toolkit, Design Review and i-Drop. As an early member of the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN), Docupoint licensed technologies directly from Autodesk. Early use of Autodesk-provided development tools ensured that DWG files were reproduced with the highest fidelity. This enables us today to develop DrawingSearcher to be compatible with customer-created Autodesk file formats.

View AutoCAD drawings in DWF or PDF!

After SEARCHING/FINDING relevant AutoCAD drawing files, DrawingSearcher displays a preview of the AutoCAD files on the user's web-capable computer screen via PDF, or DWF, Autodesk's industry-standard format. As such, companies no longer need to send files via email or FTP or links to other employees. Instead, ANY employee who has access to files inside of an organization's intranet (within their own firewalls), can SEARCH/FIND/VIEW and Print their AutoCAD drawings without requiring an AutoCAD user to get involved with finding, and sending the file. And, DrawingSearcher also SEARCHES and FINDS typical office documents, so legacy files are not skipped over or missed during a SEARCH.

Easy to Install, Configure and Maintain

Many users report getting DrawingSearcher completely up and running, with all drawings on-line, in a matter of hours. DrawingSearcher is packaged into a single download and the functionality is enabled with an Authorization Code upon purchase. As DrawingSearcher is a server-based product, it is installed on just one computer to provide the indexing and search services. Client computer setup is dependent on your choice of drawing output of PDF or DWF. PDF is a zero client install on all devices including; PCs, iPad, tablet, or smart phone via a web browser. DWF client computers must use the Microsoft OS and requires the installation of the Design Review viewing application (free from Autodesk).

DrawingSearcher is typically configured to run as a service with 24x7x365 availability. Indexing of DWG file archives is pre-scheduled to process incremental additions, changes and deletions ... then indexing occurs automatically.

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