Customer Testimonials

Jamie Andersen, CAD Manager, Verso Paper:

“I would hate to lose this tool it has proved to be an invaluable resource for us. ”

Faz Kasraie, Seattle City Light:

“Having a software tool like DrawingSearcher means that the right drawing can be found easily and the issue – whether a large transformer or a small meter – can be resolved quickly.”

Dana Kearney, Senior Systems Analyst, Chevron:

“DrawingSearcher is an extremely beneficial and useful tool for Chevron’s Richmond, CA refinery. With its 1,700 workers and over 110,000 AutoCAD drawings, DrawingSearcher saves us time and money and allows us to search AutoCAD drawings as easily as if we were using Google or Bing.”

David Y'Barbo, Design Supervisor, Valero Energy Corporation:

"We may push your software to the limits but we are convinced that this software is poised to be used by anyone/everyone who needs a document retrieval system and can’t afford a full blown document management system. In order to do that it needs to be head and shoulders above the rest, which it is."

Dave Johnson, Verso Paper:

*"When I produce an obscure drawing in a matter of seconds the reaction is nothing short of amazement on the part of the person looking for the drawing." "The installation ... did go without any hitches." *

Steve Twarog, Harmac Pacific, a division of Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd.:

"We were up-and-running with DrawingSearcher in less than an hour" . . .

Martin Sladevik, CAD/GIS Technician, Fraser Valley Regional District:

"I wish ALL [our] users had DrawingSearcher so that they would have the ability to SEARCH thousands of existing drawings to retrieve and locate items such as: manufacturers, model numbers, quantities, etc."

Lorraine Guerra, NASA Subcontractor:

"Maintaining a Competitive Advantage: Using an AutoCAD Search Tool to Improve Customer Service."

David Miesbauer, Systems Analyst, and Steve Gaston, CIO, Sierra Pacific Industries:

"At Sierra Pacific Industries, we pride ourselves on both the quality of the products we make, as well as the service we offer to our customers. This is never truer than during periods of economic recession or stagnation. As anyone in the housing, construction and home improvement industries can attest to, the past few years have been among the most challenging in recent history. When there aren’t as many new orders coming in, if construction companies choose not to go with customized products, and homeowners choose to put off home renovations, existing customers become even more important to a business’ success. Providing them with exemplary, timely and professional service goes a long way to keeping current customers satisfied and a business’ doors open.

For a company that makes custom doors and windows – highly detailed and specialized doors and windows – Sierra Pacific is fortunate to not only have great people meeting the needs of our customers, but to also have sophisticated technology on hand that helps our service centers improve service by reducing the search time it takes to find a specific blueprint from our AutoCAD archive.

Every product Sierra Pacific makes starts with a highly detailed computer-aided drawing (CAD) blueprint of the precise measurements, shape, size and design of the doors or windows the customer has requested. With close to 14 million such CAD drawings and 11 different service locations throughout the western United States, Sierra Pacific’s service team needs to be able to access and locate specific drawings quickly and effectively. If they aren’t able to, our service – and our reputation – are negatively affected. Given the need to quickly identify the right CAD drawing, Sierra Pacific utilized an AutoCAD search program, allowing a search that would otherwise take days - if not weeks – to take just a few minutes.

Before Sierra Pacific had an AutoCAD search program, someone from one of our service centers would have to physically search through each and every blueprint in the company’s archive until they found the specific drawing that the customer needed. Finding this preverbal needle in a haystack was a cumbersome, timely and expensive prospect for Sierra Pacific, and our customer service suffered because of it.

By utilizing an AutoCAD search tool, our service team is a more nimble, responsive and effective department – one that is better suited to meet and address the needs of our customers and answer their specific questions about their Sierra Pacific products in a professional and timely manner.

Sierra Pacific has been using an AutoCAD search tool for close to 10 years, and continues to see enormous benefits from utilizing such a system. After examining all the different options that were on the market, we chose DrawingSearcher from Docupoint because of its functionality, ease of use and ability to quickly search and find AutoCAD drawings. Anyone who uses an Internet search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo!, is able to use DrawingSearcher, which is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. It lets us search for specific words or codes within our AutoCAD drawings so the service team can identify specific drawings for specific customers quickly and effectively. Docupoint has made accessing our AutoCAD archive of 14 million drawings much easier, enabling superior customer service by allowing us to better meet the needs of our customers.

Sierra Pacific continues to grow and our customers continue to rave about our highly specialized doors and windows. With a sophisticated AutoCAD search program, we can ensure timely and efficient customer service. What used to take close to a week now takes minutes, allowing us to give our customers the same level of specialized, customized care that they have come to expect from Sierra Pacific."

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