About DrawingSearcher

Index, Search, & Find: Drawings, PDF's, MS Office files, Technical Documents, Database Data and more !
Docupoint's "DrawingSearcher" software combines the power of full-text SEARCH with a standard easy-to-use web page, allowing users to find targeted information within any AutoCAD, MicroStation, or PDF drawing, anywhere within an organization's thousands-and-thousands of files.

With DrawingSearcher, organizations are able to quickly and easily bring large archives of DWG, DGN, or PDF drawing files on-line for searching, browsing, viewing and collaboration. Drawing files are automatically indexed by DrawingSearcher and made available to the authorized user community in the PDF format where they can be accessed through a powerful yet easy-to-use web interface. DrawingSearcher is so easy to configure and use that many organizations report being up and running in less then an hour! DrawingSearcher integrates with the free Autodesk Design Review viewing application to provide an all-digital approach to view, print, measure, mark-up, and revise AutoCAD-created drawings.

Enterprise-wide data access is based on an IT Administrator User Interface for selecting file locations and format. Files are found based on content, metadata, and/or filename. DrawingSearcher is compatible with any/all non-proprietary files stored by Document Management Systems, including Autodesk Vault, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Blue Cielo. Files are read directly in their native form without any change to their file properties, while the file content is indexed for immediate retrieval from all popular web browsers.

DrawingSearcher now runs on the Cloud via AWS (Amazon Web Services), allowing companies to SEARCH all their corporate documents stored at AWS.

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